Being the Lover Part 2

Co-creating healing & Pleasure

Begins Monday July 3

Co-create deep, tender connection with your lover. Foster sensitivity and build on intimate communication.

In part 2 of Being the Lover, we build on the touch mastery skills learnt in Part 1 and apply them to the cervix and genitals. It takes skill, maturity and empathy to offer and receive genital release. You don't have to be a mind-reader or a trained bodyworker. What you do need are the skills to listen and touch with sensitivity.

This is a course in deep, tender intimacy between trusted partners.

In this module:

- Learn how to open the central channel

- Understand your unique preferences and how your body opens

- Learn one of the most important practises for opening a woman's body

- Gain skills that help manage emotions that may occur during a release session

- What to do when you meet her cervix

- How to map tension spots

In this module you'll watch a real-life demo of a de-armouring session in action where you'll learn:

- How to ask the right questions

- How to encourage your partner to talk

- How to assist your lover in pleasuring or de-amouring you

- How to begin and end a session

In this module:

- You'll learn the benefits of cock de-armouring

- How to work with your lovers prostate

- How to skilfully de-armour a penis without making it scary for the receiver

- A real life cock de-armouring session

- How to guide a partner

- How to integrate these skills into love-making

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